20 Reasons Why You Should Get ROOT

Be Your Own Farmer

Retail organic foods have become increasingly less monitored for quality. By no mistake of the farmers, the world environment has made it challenging to grow completely natural foods. By providing you with the best quality seeds and nutrients, you become the organic farmer. No more worrying about where your food has traveled, what chemicals were used, or outdoor pollution.

Live Sustainably

People are becoming less trusting of where their food is grown, and not everyone has the luxury of sourcing from a local organic farm. With ROOT, you are in charge, so you know exactly where your food is grown – at your own home. Our company wide mission is to provide people with the best possible tools to safely cultivate their own organic garden.

Non-GMO Verified & USDA Organic Seeds

Technically we have been modifying seeds since humans developed agriculture, but some companies have exploited genetic modification practices. We prefer to avoid GMO seeds and we partner with great farmers in order to provide non-GMO seed supplies. At ROOT, we are committed to sourcing only the highest possible quality of seeds for our growers.

Pesticide & Preservative Free

Often, grocery store herbs, veggies, and other produce are contaminated with pesticides and preservatives to keep them fresh. This is not good for your health. We only supply you with organic, pesticide, and preservative free nutrients to nourish your food, so you get the freshest, organic, pesticide and preservative free food – all under your control.

Mold & Pest Resistant

With some hydroponic systems, plants can develop mold from sitting in water all day and they attract pests to your home. But with our hydroponic garden system, our plants hang in the air, which helps avoid unwanted mold and pests. Plus, our nutrients also work as a natural pesticide. Through the natural fermentation process of creating the nutrient, the alcohol byproduct in our plant food can be safely sprayed on the plants if you do ever come across an issue with a pest.

Industrial Grade Durability

We started ROOT because we were not satisfied with the lack of quality of other competitor products durability. ROOT has been custom designed and patented to help create a better gardening experience by using industrial food grade materials that are built to last for many years of successful sustainable gardening.

Reduce Your Food Waste

Much of what we buy at the grocery store ends up in the trash – like over 50% of it. With busy lives today, we may not be able to consistently cook at home. We may just need a sprig of parsley for a dish, yet end up wasting a bunch we just bought at the store. When you grow your own, you can take just what you need, and let the plants continue to grow. With ROOT, your plants will enjoy a consistent schedule of lighting and watering that will keep them alive and healthy, even if you’re away on vacation.

Save Thousands of Dollars Yearly

The average U.S. consumer ends up wasting around $2400 yearly on produce that they throw out. When you grow your own at home, you not only keep the plants alive, but you can continually harvest more from the same plant. So for the price of one basil plant you buy at the store, you’re getting up to 4x the value. Once your garden gets going, you will be able to harvest for up to 2 more months before having to replant.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In the US, the average American’s carbon footprint per person is 21.5 metric tons CO2 and growing. When you grow your own produce at home, you are reducing transportation to stores (each mile driven = 19 metric pounds of CO2 emissions), amongst other carbon emissions too that are emitted from dealing with landfill waste that you contribute to from grocery store bought produce you can be growing at home.

Eco-Friendly Product

Unlike most hydroponics products that are made with toxic or non-environmentally friendly materials such as PVC and rockwool. Instead, we chose to use food grade plastics that are either recyclable or compostable, yet durable enough to last for many years. This overall makes for a higher quality product and sustainable growing experience at home that benefits the environment in many ways.

Space Efficient

Traditionally, growing plants and gardens indoors requires a lot of space, while window sill space is limited to tiny herb plants, and regular watering, lighting, and ongoing maintenance can be challenging – especially for urban dwellers. With ROOT’s indoor garden system your can now free up your window space and grow your garden anywhere in your home, saving you space and worry. Plus, you can grow 12 plants in just 1 sq/ft of space.

Save Hours of Ongoing Maintenance Time

Conventional gardens requires a lot of gardening and upkeep time, but not everyone has the luxury to monitor their garden everyday and ensure its getting the right amount of light, water, and nutrients. The ROOT indoor garden system enables you to garden at your leisure. Being a smart open air system that syncs to your smartphone, ROOT only requires you to add water and nutrients every couple of weeks, while the system grows an amazing garden for you.

Eat More Nutrient-Rich Foods

Grocery store produce is mostly dead. Once farm produce is picked, the nutrient value starts to diminish immediately. The store produce you consume is most often picked weeks ago and frozen before placed on store shelves.  Also, with the advent of industrial farming, nutrition values in produce have declined up to 30%. When you garden your own food, you’ll have access to the freshest, most nutrient dense food. Growing your own organic food at home is simply the best way to nourish your health.

It’s Therapeutic

With our busy schedules, sometimes we forget to simply enjoy all the pleasures of nature. With ROOT, you can have your own garden in any size indoor space without access to natural sunlight. Our grow lights are strong enough to replace any need for supplemental lighting, while giving you the closest access to a garden where nature may seem so distant – especially in densely populated urban cities.

Better Designed Hydroponics

Most hydroponics systems take up a lot of space, are clunky, can be an eye sore, and are just not efficient for smaller spaces. With our elegant, integrated design, ROOT simply stands vertically 1 foot wide by about 3 feet in height. We help maximize the amount of plant growth in the least amount of space possible. With our vertical garden design, you can grow 12 plants in the same space as just 1 plant outdoors.

Improves Air Quality

Indoor spaces can often be stifling without proper ventilation. Especially small city apartments. Plants make for a better home and work environment. In fact, more data supports that having plants around can increase productivity, clean air, and reduces stress. With ROOT providing its own lighting and watering system, you can improve the quality of any space – even a room without any windows!

Grow A Variety of Herbs, Plants, and Flowers

The grocery store will only provide you what the market demands and competitor hydroponic systems are limited to only a few types of plants you can grow and are limited to small sizes. Now with ROOT, you can grow rare plants like St. John’s Wort, Purple Basil, or many others much larger than just a few inches tall. ROOT allows you to customize your grow settings so that you can grow different plants on each of the four sides.

Energy Efficient Grow Lights

ROOT uses state-of-the-art full spectrum LED grow lights that are essentially sunlight in a box. Unlike most other grow lights that have expensive upfront costs, your energy bill can run up several hundred dollars a year. But not with ROOT where you’ll likely only see about $1 more per month on your energy bill. Our grow lights grow more with less energy.

Peace of Mind All the Time

The most common problem people have when attempting to garden is that they fear they will forget to water their plants and they’ll die. ROOT solves that with its own automatic watering system and our app will notify you when you need to add water & nutrients. With ROOT, you’ll enjoy having a wonderful garden, no matter how busy you are.

Get an Instant Green Thumb

ROOT is incredibly user-friendly and so simple to use that anyone without any prior gardening experience can get an instant green thumb. No more worrying about when and how often to water and add nutrients to your plants, nor where to place them for optimal sunlight exposure for risk of killing them. Our indoor gardening system makes growing a breeze.

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