About Us

ROOT is the smartest hydroponic gardening system that helps anyone effortlessly grow their own fresh organic herbs, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants indoors sustainably at home, in the office, or commercially at restaurants or bars to have on-demand year-round. 


We are bringing state-of-the-art industrial grade agricultural technology to the consumer market at scale and for much less than the sum of all the parts.


In a busy world that moves non-stop, home is a place to grow more conscious of the things that truly matter. Home is a place to reconnect, reflect and reinvigorate, establish our ROOTs. We are giving people the green thumb they need to enjoy growing their own healthy, nutrient-rich fresh foods, medicinal herbs, and flowers with no mistakes, no mess, and no stress.


With ROOT, you can grow 12 plants within 1 square foot of space. Just plug it in, add water, your plant pods & nutrients, and you can start growing in minutes. Our simple, user-friendly, plug-plant-and-grow indoor garden will take it from there by automating the growing process for you, once you sync it to our smartphone app.


With ROOT you can:


Grow 4X the amount of produce in the same square foot of space when compared to our competitors


Harvest your produce up to 50% Faster than conventional gardening methods.


Plus, unlike all of our competitors…


ROOT is mold resistant, pesticide free and everything is sustainable.


We use organic, non-GMO seeds & nutrients, along with biodegradable plant pods and food grade plastic


We have 2 non-provisional patents pending. One design and one utility.


We believe that there’s nothing like gathering around the table with friends and family and feeding off the intimacy it generates. Filling your space with fresh flowers. The power of plants is constant, reliable and real.

Our team is world-class & deeply passionate

Our product, engineering, design, and marketing teams collectively have well over 100 years of domain expertise and have built, sold, and shipped dozens of products that have accrued billions in sales revenue worldwide for companies like Google, Sonos, Oracle, and many others.


We employ environmentally sound methodologies that support waste-free, regenerative systems. From our compostable plastics to our natural nutrients, we create products that are friendly to both people and the planet.


We are ROOT, and looking forward to growing with you.


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