Root Indoor Hydroponic Gardening System

The smartest hydroponic garden system that helps you easily grow fresh organic herbs, vegetables, and medicinal plants year-round indoors 

Reduce your food waste, save money, and easily grow a green thumb.

Grow 12 plants fast in just 1 square foot of space.

Get $100 Off + Free Shipping 

What People Are Saying About ROOT

“ROOT: Hydroponic Farming Meets The Internet Of Things.”


“A High Tech Way to Grow Healthy Herbs Indoors”


“This smartphone-connected grower is like a keurig for marijuana.”

“A countertop smart garden that can grow everything from peppers to pot.”

“Medical Marijuana Goes High Tech.”


What Can you Grow With ROOT?

A Variety of Organic Herbs

Grow a variety of the freshest organic herbs at home, in the office, a bar and/or a restaurant.

Easily grow popular hydroponic herbs like basil, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, mint, lavender, tarragon, and many more.

Up your cooking game with ROOT.

Organic Lettuce & Leafy Greens

With ROOT, you can easily grow a variety of hydroponic lettuce (romaine, butter, watercress) and leafy greens (Swiss chard, kale, mustard greens, arugula, spinach) quick and easy to have available year-round.

Taste the difference immediately.

Fresh Flowers & Medicinal Plants

Grow a variety of fresh smelling flowers and medicinal plants indoors, all year-long with ROOT. Improve your air quality at all times.

From petunias, marigolds, cockscomb, and begonias, to cannabis, chamomile, dandelion, and others. ROOT empowers you to grow so much in such little space.

With ROOT, You Can Drink Your Herbs & Veggies Too

Herb-infused cocktails

Be the life of the party or enjoy a much improved cocktail of your own with a touch of herbs that adds freshness and taste you will notice immediately.

With ROOT, you’ll have all the freshest, organic herbs on-demand for a variety of cocktails you can make all year-long, right at home.

Organic Juices & Smoothies

Taste and feel the difference immediately when using your own fresh hydroponic herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables when grown with ROOT.

Unlike grocery store herbs & veggies that are dying and covered with pesticides, you can now use the cleanest ingredients in your juices and smoothies.

A healthier you awaits.

Detoxifying Water & Juices

Easily remove toxins from your body, boost energy, reduce inflammation, and promote weight loss by using the freshest, clean, and vitamin-rich ingredients you can grow with ROOT hydroponics.

Add delicious flavor to your boring water, look great, and feel great every day with the most gratifying water & juices anyone could ask for.

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